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Being a ddr freak my self, I should technically say "This shit sucks, you have no tallent, why you gotta go and make fun of ddr" But, i found it rather funny, good shot, you made me laugh.... ^_^; I couldn't read the arrows *fails*

MelloYelloClock responds:

lol k

Ah valentines day...

How I loath valentines day...but thats besides the point, ruth (hopes he spelled the name right) put up some good points there...especially the whole don't spend the whole day doing it thing... cause it really sucks to be in the same house when thats going on! ¬.¬ Anywhos on to the review. Graphics, So shiny and pretty, even the play button looked good! Style, do I even have to say it, I always do....*sigh* Style, Its Wonchop™ Sound, good blend of music and voice acting, always loved voices, brings the charachter to life, Violence: nothing to severe, unless you count jumping on a fat guy as violent. Interactivity: Shiny play button. Humor: I chuckled some a real laugh not a fake one... Overall I loved it so nye! Alright well this was placed at a good time....Hope you have a terrible valentines day! y'know...bad *Gwah ha ha ha* ~~Satoshi_Kasahara

Wonchop responds:

Lol, I'll spend it listening to My Chemical Romance and cutting myself just for you, k? ;)
(jk, some of MCR's songs aren't that bad)

Oh Emm Gee, Lock Legion

You know, after looking through your stuff *skitter skitter, pulls out size -5 shoe* I relized you were part of the Lock Legion, Gasp, anywho I am not a big fan of the LL's voices but uh, you always do amazing work so um yeah it was good, your other Lock-Cloud production is pretty cool (out of the three...I had to say that Detective Cloud was my favorite) ALRIGHT, so now I will review the flash I just witnessed, Graphics, whole lotta pretty Style, Its Wonchop™ production, sound...meh again not a fan of the LL voice, Violence...he got stabbed and died..violence yes, interactivity... I really don't see why they even put that unless you are rating a um...thing you play.....uh..what was it...... GAME, yeah game...Humor..I giggled! overall...it was good
~~~~~Satoshi "The guy that does the vicious reviews on flashes that don't deserve to be in the top 50" Kasahara

Wonchop responds:

~~~~#Satoshi "The guy who doesn't use returns" Kasahara

Yet another good flash

I always seem to stumble apon your flashes a bit late *sigh* but that's not the point, I think this time I will attempt to give you a real review... alright Graphics, good, whole anime style always loved it.... Style...what can I say...its a Wonchop^TM production Sound... Nifty, Love the intro theme, its in the other IT Geeks productions, whats it called? Violence...choking on a baloon...its somewhat violent, Interactivity... score, i got to push a play button, Humor, I laughed. Overall, always good, I'll say the classic keep up the good work...or I could have some great sign off...

Wonchop responds:

Hehe thank you.
The music was 'Digital Massage' by Egoraptor. He's known for doing those crazy voiceovers for stuff like Decline.

Always unique

Big fan of your work, and you never cease to amaze me, always well done, the idea this time was great, I loved the whole Ive got fosters thing...very hyper

Wonchop responds:

Hyper is better than Super :P

I love humor

Ha, nice, i was a bit surprised at the strapon thing...and something totaly unrelated, but i saw you on deviant art, your an amazing artist, and I love how you utilize (that the right spelling?) it in your flashes great job! (Giggles more at powerranger type due with a strapon)

Wonchop responds:

Heh. It depends whether your american or british. Yanks are obessed with their 'Z's XD
Thanks for the review

The corruption of youngins

Yes, im sure we have all tried it, but im glad you put it into flash form, it was actually nicely done, a back ground would have been cool, but thats besides the point it was funny. And I admit to having my fair share of trying to get a child to say something like that. Oh, and did you just use the sound clip to do that, or did you have to modify it a bit to get it to sound better.

Wonchop responds:

The original sound clip in its original state (it was actually a little longer, but I thought it sounded best ending on 'yeah, I just swallowed my mic)


I enjoyed all of it, i liked trying to point out who the chibi girls were... bloo being one or was thatt just a blue ghost, Besides that, it was great, and after the credits was even better, i love parodys, and all of that is so true, the whole flashback joke was great...well I laughed so alls well.. great job! Oh, and even though they are not your charachters, you played them well.

MC-Huggies responds:

Thanks! Oh and only the blue ghost and Rukia were someone. The other two girls were just some random girls I drew. And the blue ghost can be Bloo or the blue ghost from Pacman... she was originally a blue Pacman ghost, but evolved into Bloo :P


The only problem with this, is hmm, well its my problem really its the fact that i cant wait till you get the whole thing done, AMAZING!

KenSkaii responds:



It was like a ride i diddnt want to get off of, i loved the whole egg through time thing

Lilmario responds:

Glad you did, I thought it was quite original =D

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