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DDR Collab DDR Collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Being a ddr freak my self, I should technically say "This shit sucks, you have no tallent, why you gotta go and make fun of ddr" But, i found it rather funny, good shot, you made me laugh.... ^_^; I couldn't read the arrows *fails*

MelloYelloClock responds:

lol k

Ruth's Valentine Tips Ruth's Valentine Tips

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ah valentines day...

How I loath valentines day...but thats besides the point, ruth (hopes he spelled the name right) put up some good points there...especially the whole don't spend the whole day doing it thing... cause it really sucks to be in the same house when thats going on! ¬.¬ Anywhos on to the review. Graphics, So shiny and pretty, even the play button looked good! Style, do I even have to say it, I always do....*sigh* Style, Its Wonchop™ Sound, good blend of music and voice acting, always loved voices, brings the charachter to life, Violence: nothing to severe, unless you count jumping on a fat guy as violent. Interactivity: Shiny play button. Humor: I chuckled some a real laugh not a fake one... Overall I loved it so nye! Alright well this was placed at a good time....Hope you have a terrible valentines day! y'know...bad *Gwah ha ha ha* ~~Satoshi_Kasahara

Wonchop responds:

Lol, I'll spend it listening to My Chemical Romance and cutting myself just for you, k? ;)
(jk, some of MCR's songs aren't that bad)

Hoy te amo ++ Hoy te amo ++

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I congratulate you sir!

I am impressed, and that dosn't happen often, beautiful flash, kept my attention and I have A.D.D. good work! Ill start my review now. Graphics, nearly perfect, a bit sketchy probably because of the action involved, it takes alot of patientence to sit down and get action that is godlike, with 2 weeks put into this I am impressed with it, put in 2 more and it would have been amazing, lots of greys, but I am not downing that, its a good thing. Style, extremely unique, good story as well. Sound, way to put the movements with the music, I really love when an artist syncs the music with the art, it takes alot of talent, good work on that. Violence, well they fought a giant robot and threw a..soda? at it...fight scene, therefore violent, no blood and guts, but I enjoy it better that way, interactivity, a play button. Humor, I softly laughed at the way they took down the baddie. Overall a very well done flash, I am impressed good work!
P.S. "Yes, flash like this actually deserves its spot"

Dad's Home Dad's Home

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I am surprised I have not watched this

This has been in the top fifty for a while now, I finally watched to see if I could figure out why, I did.. alright now for the review Graphics, not perfect but I can see why, there was alot of action that had to be put in at the right time, perfect graphics would have slowed that down. Style, extremely unique never seen anything like it, good transition between crazy destructive dad and crazy rocker dad. Sound, you had both the effects of whatever the heck dad was doing and the music, good shot. Violence, wasn't all blood and gore, but he did shoot lazers out of his eyes, interesting. Interactivity, not only was there a play button, but there were TWO yes two replay buttons, oh joy, oh rapture. Humor, well it was funny, I laughed, and I still am puzzled as to why dad came home nuts, I am assuming a hard day at work, must be a fun dad if he gave his children beer. Overall this was a well put together flash, If it was based off of something I have no idea what, good work and enjoy the top 50, you deserve it.
P.S. "See, im not a completely vicious reviewer"

LL-Knuckles vs Cloud LL-Knuckles vs Cloud

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh Emm Gee, Lock Legion

You know, after looking through your stuff *skitter skitter, pulls out size -5 shoe* I relized you were part of the Lock Legion, Gasp, anywho I am not a big fan of the LL's voices but uh, you always do amazing work so um yeah it was good, your other Lock-Cloud production is pretty cool (out of the three...I had to say that Detective Cloud was my favorite) ALRIGHT, so now I will review the flash I just witnessed, Graphics, whole lotta pretty Style, Its Wonchop™ production, sound...meh again not a fan of the LL voice, Violence...he got stabbed and died..violence yes, interactivity... I really don't see why they even put that unless you are rating a um...thing you play.....uh..what was it...... GAME, yeah game...Humor..I giggled! was good
~~~~~Satoshi "The guy that does the vicious reviews on flashes that don't deserve to be in the top 50" Kasahara

Wonchop responds:

~~~~#Satoshi "The guy who doesn't use returns" Kasahara

The Ultimate Showdown The Ultimate Showdown

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I.Q. Zero

Alright, this flash has been at the number one spot for quite some time now, I have watched it and wondered, why is this here? I finnally decided to give this a review, let's start with Graphics, It dosn't move as well as some of the other flashes out there, especially the ones that actually deserve top five, it is a bit sketchy, the characters were drawn not so well, I do however, understand that they were supposed to be extremely cartoony. Style, after doing e-baums world dot com, this isn't really that unique, the song came from the exact same group who did e-baums...blah blah blah... it does follow the sound of the music, as did the other...if the music was created by the maker of this flash, then I would respect it more. sound, I just went over that... Violence, yes there is violence, blood explosion, the obvious stuff that even a brainless monkey could enjoy, no thought to it what so ever, Interactivity..duh... Humor, personnaly this wasn't that funny, just a bunch of random explosions and other stuff with a bunch of super heros, I diddn't have to actually think while watching. Overall, this was not the PERFECT flash as people say it is, it isn't "OMG AWESOME" or "This has 2 b teh best movie I have ever seen" again I must say that there are flashes that are much more deserving then this, there are even some that are not even on the top one hundred that both look and sound better than this... I AM NOT CALLING THIS A PIECE OF calling it a pile of poo with explosions, the rest of those who thing this is a great flash, rethink your oppinion, go watch FFA+, Decline, There She Is!!, Xombie and the other great series on NG...Maybe the problem is, no one in this generation likes to think...

eBaums world dot com eBaums world dot com

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Enough is enough

I have watched this flash twice, the first time to attempt to enjoy it the second, to critique. I am not by any means calling this flash crap, but what I am saying is that the rest of the watchers are getting a bit to overexited just because this is anti-ebaums world. Fine, but lets look at it as a flash and not as a bucket of hate. Alright again I say it wasn't crap, but the graphics just are not what people say they are, they are good enough to be top 50 material but not number one, it is put together well but the song is what is drawing the viewers attention, having a psychological affect that makes them THINK that what they are seeing is amazingly good, this is a downer to those that actually spent a few years (or months) working on their production (ie. FFA+, There She Is!!, Bitey, Xombie). Alright style, its very unique, but basically just a bashers flash. Sound, meh, it had the song that made everyone hate e-baums (Half the people watching this flash had no idea he did that stuff, then acted like they knew all along). Violence....mentioning the banging of ones mom and branding... Interactivity...duh Humor, well if you like crass humor with banging moms and branding asses then this is funny...If you are intelligent on the other hand..... Overall this was not a terrible flash, but in my thoughts, it could have been better.

P.S. I am by no means saying that Something Awful is a terrible flash group, they spent their time working, and do atleast deserve top 100.

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IT Geeks - Balloony IT Geeks - Balloony

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yet another good flash

I always seem to stumble apon your flashes a bit late *sigh* but that's not the point, I think this time I will attempt to give you a real review... alright Graphics, good, whole anime style always loved it.... Style...what can I say...its a Wonchop^TM production Sound... Nifty, Love the intro theme, its in the other IT Geeks productions, whats it called? Violence...choking on a baloon...its somewhat violent, Interactivity... score, i got to push a play button, Humor, I laughed. Overall, always good, I'll say the classic keep up the good work...or I could have some great sign off...

Wonchop responds:

Hehe thank you.
The music was 'Digital Massage' by Egoraptor. He's known for doing those crazy voiceovers for stuff like Decline.

IT Geeks: Guinness Bueno IT Geeks: Guinness Bueno

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Always unique

Big fan of your work, and you never cease to amaze me, always well done, the idea this time was great, I loved the whole Ive got fosters thing...very hyper

Wonchop responds:

Hyper is better than Super :P

Rockin' English Rockin' English

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice job

I actually laughed, and learned, huzzah! I think you could have had a bit of music behind the voice but it was good and diddnt need it, so its cool!